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Case Study: Grade 3 Gynecomastia Areola Reduction and Skin Tightening

I’m excited to share a fascinating case study with you today. We recently performed gynecomastia surgery on a patient with grade 3 gynecomastia requiring a unique approach to achieving his desired chest contour. Let’s get into the details of how we achieved the results.

Grade 3 Gynecomastia Surgery with Areolar Reduction and Skin Tightening with Dr. Dadvand

Understanding the Case

This patient had been dealing with gynecomastia since puberty, a common time for its onset. Despite efforts to improve his health and fitness, including significant weight loss, he found that his gynecomastia persisted. This isn’t uncommon, as gynecomastia isn’t solely caused by excess fat; it often involves enlarged breast tissue.

Upon examination, my patient presented with grade 3 gynecomastia, characterized by breast tissue extending beyond the areolas and noticeable skin laxity. Traditional surgical approaches, such as liposuction and tissue excision alone, wouldn’t address these concerns.

The Surgical Plan

A comprehensive plan was needed. I opted for a two-in-one surgical approach that involved removing the excess breast tissue and performing areola reduction and gynecomastia skin tightening.

Using Vaser liposuction, I meticulously removed excess fat while preserving the underlying structures and minimizing trauma to surrounding tissues. This way I could contour the chest and prepare it for the next phase of the procedure.

Areola Reduction and Gynecomastia Skin Tightening

A key aspect of this surgery was reducing the size of the patient’s areolas and tightening the surrounding skin. By carefully marking the new areola size and making precise incisions, I could remove excess skin and reshape the areolas to achieve a more proportional and appealing appearance. This step prevents post-operative sagging and ensures a smoother contour.

Post-Surgical Results

The patient was relieved and very satisfied with their results! His chest contour matched his desired outcome and he no longer had skin laxity. The natural and masculine chest contour truly changed how my patient felt about himself. Gynecomastia surgery enhances the quality of my patients’ lives! It removes the emotional and psychological barriers to confidence: shame and self-loathe.

Each Gynecomastia Case Is Unique

Understanding the impact gynecomastia results have on my patients motivates me to always see each case as unique to the individual. I don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. Contact my Beverly Hills office for a consultation if you’re considering the procedure or have concerns about enlarged areolas and skin laxity.

I’m Dr. Babak Dadvand, a double-board-certified plastic surgeon, here to help you!

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