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Case Study: Grade 3 Gynecomastia Areola Reduction and Skin Tightening

I'm excited to share a fascinating case study with you today. We recently performed gynecomastia surgery on a patient with grade 3 gynecomastia requiring a unique approach to achieving his desired chest contour. Let's get into the details of how we achieved the results. Understanding the Case ... Read More ⇒

Changing Lives Through Chest Contouring Torsoplasty

As a plastic surgeon, I am privileged to witness countless transformative journeys in my patients' lives. One such case that stands out is that of a remarkable 51-year-old patient who had successfully shed an astounding 126 pounds. However, despite the weight loss, he still struggled with residual f... Read More ⇒

How Age Can Affect the Development of Man Boobs

Gynecomastia is defined as a condition in which glandular breast tissue becomes enlarged in boys or men. In some cases, this condition can go unnoticed. However, for some patients, gynecomastia can cause pain and discomfort. Social repercussions may involve a decrease in self-confidence because of t... Read More ⇒

Behind the Scenes: Steroid-Induced Gynecomastia

  “So I just finished this gynecomastia surgery - large excisions! This is steroid-induced gynecomastia and you can see this tissue here - really thick! This was never going to come out with liposuction. It took a very meticulous dissection but he’s going to have great results, the... Read More ⇒

Hard Lumps After Gynecomastia Surgery

As a plastic surgeon specializing in gynecomastia surgery, I spend a lot of time answering patient questions through emails and various internet forums. One of the most common topics of conversation is feeling firm lumps after surgery. Obviously men who have gynecomastia are all too familiar with ... Read More ⇒

Gynecomastia Surgery Recovery

As a plastic surgeon specializing in gynecomastia procedures one of the most important questions I get asked during the consultation is the recovery process. The most important thing to know about the recovery process is that it is just that…a process.  In this post I will lay out the general tim... Read More ⇒
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