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About Dr. Dadvand

Dr. Dadvand

Dr. Dadvand is a double board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. He graduated magna cum laude from the prestigious Ivy League University of Pennsylvania where he majored in Fine Arts and Chemistry. Additionally, he trained at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic where he served as Chief Resident in General Surgery.

Furthermore, Dr. Dadvand completed his plastic surgery fellowship at Indiana University, a rigorous top-tier program. He went on to complete a competitive aesthetic surgical fellowship in Beverly Hills. These eight years of plastic surgery training after medical school honed Dr. Dadvand’s skills. This unique combination of an artist’s eye and superior surgical technique helps Dr. Dadvand’s patients achieve their cosmetic goals by producing natural-looking, long-lasting results.

Dr. Dadvand Plastic Surgery Introduction

Gynecomastia Surgery Specialist in Los Angeles

Dr. Dadvand specializes in gynecomastia surgery in Los Angeles and has focused a major portion of his practice to the treatment of males who have gynecomastia. He recognized early on that although gynecomastia is a common issue facing many men and teens, there were not many experienced surgeons for these patients to turn to.

Furthermore, Dr. Dadvand understands not only the physical impact but also the psychological impact that gynecomastia can have on a man. Some of the common issues gynecomastia in LA can cause include:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Embarrassment
  • Exclusion from certain activities

These are all common issues with males that have gynecomastia in Los Angeles. Dr. Dadvand uses his experience and superior technical abilities to not only help his patients look better, but also feel better about themselves. It is this improvement in a person’s quality of life that drives Dr. Dadvand to produce outstanding results, every time.






  • University of Pennsylvania
    • Degrees: B.A. Chemistry, B.A. Fine Arts, 1995
      • Honors:
        • Graduated Magna Cum Laude
        • Phi Beta Kappa
        • Golden Key National Honor Society
        • Alpha Chi Sigma Award – Department of Chemistry
        • Phi Lambda Upsilon Honorary Chemical Society
        • All American Scholar Collegiate Award
        • Dean’s List, University of Pennsylvania, 1991 – 1995



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