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Aftercare Instructions

For most males having gynecomastia surgery, they have been thinking of the surgery for years. The surgery day comes and goes quickly and now it is on to the recovery or aftercare phase.

The Day of Your Gynecomastia Surgery

  1. Go home and go back to sleep. Prop yourself up at about a 30 degree angle. Make sure to get up several times the first day even if it is just to use the restroom. This will help with circulation in your legs and reduce the risk of a DVT.
  2. You can take the prescribed pain medication when you get home. Make sure you eat something before you take it (crackers, soup, and ginger ale, sprite). Taking pain medications on an empty stomach can make you nauseated. Also the carbonated beverages can help with settling your stomach.
  3. After anesthesia you can feel very tired. This will subside with time and taking a nap helps.
  4. Sometimes after anesthesia you can feel shaky and your body shivers even if you are not cold. This is a side effect of anesthesia and it will go away with time. Taking a few big deep breaths helps.
  5. In the evening after your surgery you will start taking the rest of your antibiotics. You received intravenous antibiotics during your surgery so this is why you start in the evening.
  6. The first day after your Gynecomastia surgery, you may feel tightness in your chest and it may seem a little difficult to breathe. What helps is to take a few big deep breaths and hold them for about 5 seconds. This helps expand your lungs and helps with your breathing. Do this five to ten times an hour in the first 24 hours after surgery.
  7. Keep on your compression garment the first night.
  8. At your one day follow up appointment Dr. Dadvand will explain what to do with your garment and how to wear it for the following week. (He will also explain how to shower and take care of the area, etc.)
  9. It helps to prop your arms up on some pillows the night of your surgery to take the pressure of the sides of your chest.
  10. Relax!!

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