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Dr. Babak Dadvand is one of a few board certified plastic surgeons who specializes in Gynecomastia in Los Angeles. He successfully operates on more than 150 patients a year who suffer from ‘man boobs’ and puffy nipples to date. His techniques and overall approach to patients have been featured in national magazines and TV shows. He was voted as one of the best gynecomastia surgeons in the area on Yelp and Realself. Dr. Dadvand is Chief of Surgery at Olympia Medical Center. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania and was further recognized for his outstanding achievements as a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

"I love to improve my patients quality of life, their self confidence and self esteem"

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Losangelesgynecomastia.org - Blog

Gynecomastia and Steroid Use
As a plastic surgeon specializing in gynecomastia surgery, I see a variety of causes of increased breast tissue in... Read more.

Gynecomastia Surgery in Los Angeles

After a thorough evaluation of your condition, Dr Dadvand will listen to your aesthetic concerns. With you, Dr. Dadvand will develop a precise surgical plan that best caters to your needs. This may include minimally-invasive liposuction targeted at the region, excision of fatty breast tissue, or a combination of the two as well as a potential nipple reduction. In addition, many patients consult Dr. Dadvand for gynecomastia surgery revision, further improving their appearance should the initial procedure was not successful.

Dr. Dadvand Plastic Surgery Introduction

The Benefits of Gynecomastia Surgery

Dr. Dadvand knows that gynecomastia can be the cause of embarrassment or self-consciousness among men who experience as the condition has strong social, psychological, and emotional implications. He often reminds his patients that gynecomastia is very prevalent in middle-aged men, and should not pose any threats on your self-perception. Dr. Dadvand is devoted to providing his patients the best results for their male breast reduction revision surgery, so that you can feel at ease amongst both friends and strangers. Not only does he have the medical expertise, background, and board certification to treat your condition, but he will make sure that you are up-to-date on the entire procedure so that you feel fully comfortable in his care.

Candidates for Gynecomastia

By definition, gynecomastia treatment is designed specifically for men. A good candidate is in good overall health and is within the normal body weight. Like in all other procedures he performs, Dr. Dadvand is always sure that his patients are fully ready for the surgery and that they completely understand the implications involved. It is for this reason that each gynecomastia patient must be beyond the age of puberty- in order to ensure both mental and physical maturity. Despite this limitation, Dr. Dadvand's expertise is sought by men of all ages, from adolescent to middle-aged and older.


Dr. Dadvand developed surgical techniques to address gynecomastia in bodybuilders, teenagers, older men, and overweight men. View before and after photos of actual patients to understand what can be achieved in surgery and evaluate the quality of his work. Watch videos of Los Angeles gynecomastia patients who describe their experience with Dr. Dadvand.

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Yelp reviews - BABAK DADVAND M.D. BABAK DADVAND M.D. - Yelp stars

First off, I myself am a physician. I had bilateral MALE BREAST REDUCTION surgery for gynecomastia and I whole heartedly recommend Dr. D. I had thought about getting the procedure done for the past 2 years because I was self-conscious going to the gym, going to the beach and even just wearing fitted t-shirts. I finally decided to pull the trigger about 6 months ago and I'm so glad that I did.
I looked around, got several quotes and visited several doctors. I knew I wanted someone that did a lot of these surgeries for guys.

Vitals - Gynecomastia Procedure by Dr. Dadvand

Gynecomastia Procedure by Dr. Dadvand BABAK DADVAND M.D. - Vitals stars

It's been a little over two Months since my Gynecomastia procedure and I couldn't be happier. I was impressed with your Knowledge and PROFESSIONALISM from the very beginning. You were very informative and put my mind at ease. Thank you for taking the time to answer all of my questions and concerns which helped me make the right decision. You have exceptional talent, artistry and the gift of helping people. I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me.



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Losangelesgynecomastia.org - Blog

Gynecomastia and Steroid Use
As a plastic surgeon specializing in gynecomastia surgery, I see a variety of causes of increased breast tissue in... Read more.

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